How To Find Love

Over the years, I’ve found many people who claim to have the secret to finding love.

However, the wisest of them all have said the same thing: love is not found, it is given.

Within each of us is the capacity for tremendous love. Each and every one of us has the power to give love and it is only through giving that we can receive love.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and start proclaiming your love for everyone you’ll see. Love isn’t a transaction.

It should be given away, knowing the whole time that no one might ever return the same level of love back to you. At the same time, you live in hope that the right people will come along to share this amazing life with you.

Over the last few years, I’ve found that there are four levels of love in all of ourselves.

The First Level of Love: Love For Yourself

How can we give true love away or receive it if we cannot love ourselves?

We all deserve to feel true love and that starts within us all.

If you continue to search for love outside of yourself, you will never find it. First, you must have love for yourself and only then can you start to give love away.

This isn’t selfishness.

In fact, loving yourself is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself.

After all, you have always been you and you will always be you. While you’re alive, loving yourself is the only love you are 100% guaranteed.

The Second Level of Love: Love For Your Family

A family is not just blood relations.

Your true family is made up of those you share blood with, but also of those that you share a true bond with.

That can be your truest friends, your spouse, partner or any other significant person in your life.

When you have found a true family in people, it is so important to love and cherish those relationships.

For so many years, I didn’t hold love for my family. It was only when I began to love myself that I found I could hold those same feelings for those who had always stood by my side.

A family is anyone you would take a bullet for. Someone that you would do anything for.

The Third Level of Love: Love For Your World

Your world consists of everyone you know.

It includes friends, distant relatives, passing acquaintances, neighbours and much more. Anyone that you know is a part of your world.

Holding a high level of positive regard to those in your world is important.

Love should be freely given regardless of who the person is. Regardless of age, skin colour, race, religion or any other factor.

Find a way to give love away to your world and you will see your life change.

The Fourth Level of Love: Love For The World

The world consists of everyone and everything on this amazing planet.

It includes the people, the animals, the trees and every single thing that exists.

When you give love away at this level, there is nothing that can stop your love.

Give love away every day in every way. Find love in the smallest of moments and the most insignifcant of things.

Love can be found in the smell of a flower and in the face of the one you love most of all.

Find a way to experience more love every day and you will never run out of love in your life.

Attracting More Love Into Your Life

Love isn’t a transaction. You can’t give love away in exchange for love in return.

At the same time, love is not a passive act either.

Love has to be attracted into your life and the most powerful magnet for love is more love.

But, you have to be clear about what you want.

The first time I fell in love, I didn’t know what I wanted. Because of that, I attracted the wrong person into my life and my heart was broken.

You need to get clear on what you want and, despite what shallow world culture might say, it’s not all about the physical.

When attracting love into your life, it should go beyond the physical to the emotional and maybe even the spiritual.

Get so clear about who you want in your life that when you finally meet them, you feel like you have known them all of your life.

The most successful couples in the world that I know of have said that they feel like they have known their significant other for a lifetime.

That’s how clear you have to be if you want to attract a love into your life who will last for a lifetime.

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