Finding Freedom

So many of us are not free.

We are trapped in jobs we don’t want, in toxic relationships that seem to grow harder to leave every day and in debt that keeps us awake in paralysing fear every night.

Each of us faces some kind of roadblock to our freedom every single day. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, stress or something else, there is always an obstacle to freedom.

But, just because we are trapped now doesn’t mean that we cannot be free.

Ultimately, there is only one obstacle which truly faces us all: fear.

Fear keeps us blinded from opportunities. It stops us from truly living today.

Let me ask you some questions.

What Would You Do If Money Was No Object?

If you won the lottery tomorrow and didn’t have to work for the rest of your life, what would you do?

Would you remain at the job you are at or would you leave to start your dream business? Would you travel the world? Maybe buy that car or house you always dreamed about but were always too afraid to commit to?

What would you do?

Make a list of everything that you would do if money was no object.

I would say that the chances are actually pretty high that most of those things on that list don’t require you to have a net worth in seven-figures.

The reality is that every year people quit their jobs and do something that they are truly passionate about. They commit to being free and then they jump.

Don’t believe me? Read Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Work Week” or Mike Lewis’s “When To Jump”.

The world is full of people like you who want to be free, but limit themselves by thoughts such as “I don’t have enough money or time”.

You have to find a way to get past that fear and those limiting beliefs.

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Had No Fear of Failure?

What would you do if you could take a single pill that would eliminate all fear of failure?

Would you finally ask that guy or girl you’ve been in love with on a date? Could you finally find the courage to ask for that raise or for an investment in your new startup?

You can do anything! Literally anything!

But you have to overcome your fear of failure.

Fear keeps us chained to the ground when we all have the potential to fly.

Think of everything you could do if you weren’t afraid of failing.

Without that fear, what could stop you? Absolutely nothing.

Fear is simple false expectations appearing real. It’s the necessity of imagination.

Overcoming your fear is the true path to freedom. Remember, the obstacle is the way.

What Will You Regret On Your Death Bed?

Most of us regret the actions not taken more than we ever will the actions we did take.

All of my regrets are about actions I didn’t take.

I regret not asking out the beautiful, smart girl in university because I was afraid she could never love me back. My fear kept me from what could have been a defining relationship in my life.

I regret not taking action sooner to start my career as a Life Transformation Coach. My fear held me back from pursuing my greatest passion.

What action do you regret not taking?

What actions will you regret not having taken when you’re old and grey?

Don’t live with regrets. Take action today and be free!

Why Wait?

The timing is never going to be right to make a big move in your life.

It will never be a good time to start a new relationship or change your job. The timing will never be perfect to start a new business or start a family.

So, why wait?

If there is something that you are passionate about, then why would you hold yourself back from not pursuing it right now?

Everything That You Want Exists On The Other Side of Fear

A wise man once said that “the obstacle in the path becomes the path”.

There is no way around facing your fears.

It stands as a wall on the path between you and your future of freedom and bliss. You can either turn back and never find true freedom and fulfilment or you can summon your courage and climb that wall of fear.

I promise you that on the other side of your fear is the truest freedom and bliss that you can ever know.

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