What Should You Do When You Feel Like Giving Up?

There is a hidden truth to self-improvement. I can guarantee that almost everyone in the self-improvement community recognises it on a regular basis.

In fact, it is so fundamental to self-improvement that I’m surprised that not many people┬átalk about it.

So, what’s this hidden truth?

Well, although I work hard every day to strive towards my goals there is a fact I can’t deny.

I feel like giving up on my goals every damn day!

That’s the cold, hard truth.

The truth about self-improvement is that it is hard. Human beings are not programmed to take the hard path. Our evolution has taught us to take the easy path.

Sometimes the easy path is skipping a workout, eating a plate full of cupcakes and squandering your late night hours watching Internet porn. This is the easy, comfortable path.

But, this is not where you want to go. If you’re reading this blog post then it might just be that you see potential in your own future. You can’t just let it be. You know that you are meant to be more. More than what? Only you can know that.

For me, it means not skipping a workout even though I am tired. It means turning off Netflix so that I can sit down and write this post. It’s eating for nutrition, not for pleasure, waking up early and reading every damn day.

You do these things because you have seen a better future for yourself. To not follow through would mean going against your best self and that is the key when you feel like giving up.

When You Feel Like Giving Up, Think About Your Best Self

That’s my secret weapon and now it’s yours too.

Above all other things, you have to live true to your best self, whatever that may be.

If you know in your heart that you can become superhero fit or that you can make a million dollars or that you can get the girl, then you owe it to yourself to do better and be better.

Think about what would make you the best possible version of yourself. Base it in reality so that you know that it’s not just a fantasy.

Write it all down and then take an action step immediately. Pick up a book, do some pushups, write a 1000 words of your new book. Just do something to move in the direction that you eventually want to go.

Then you wake up tomorrow and you do it all over again. Remind yourself where you’re going and then take another action step in that direction. Eventually, if you do not give up, I promise you that you will make it there.

It’s about putting one step in front of the other and then watching the steps add up.

So, keep track of where you’ve come from and where you are. You’ll shock yourself with your progress very quickly. You might even find out that you’re not nearly as far away from your goal as you thought you were.

Keep hammering away at your goals day after day. Embrace that feeling of wanting to give up and then embrace the feeling of knowing that you are stronger than that one urge.

Be brave.

Keep fighting.


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