How To Live A Life of Abundance

I grew up with some pretty negative beliefs about money.

I always thought that money was evil and that the more you have, the worse of a person you had to have been in order to have attained it.

That belief has long since been banished, but I still question a lot of the typical beliefs around money.

Having studied some of the most successful people in the world, I have found two universal truths about money:

1) Money Can’t Buy Happiness

I didn’t have money when I was growing up.

I was born into a poor family who had immigrated to the UK about five years before I was born.

For as long as I can remember, we struggled for money. My parents put every penny they earned into providing for me, my two brothers and my two sisters.

We survived, but there were many days when we were not happy.

I always thought that if we just had a little more money, then we would be happier.

I kept on believing that until, one day, I had my own money. Maybe now, I thought, I can be happy.

So, I spent my money wantonly on all the things I could desire. When I ran out, I used credit and overdrafts to fulfil my wants.

I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was more depressed than ever.

It would take me several years before I learned to have a better relationship with my money and finances. But eventually, I learned that I didn’t need money to make me happy.

Happiness came from the quality of experiences I could partake it and that led me to the second universal truth about money.

2) People Don’t Want Money, They Want What Money Buys

Almost everyone I know wants to be a millionaire.

Reaching millionaire status seems to be the threshold of happiness for so many. We think that, if we can just reach the £1,000,000 mark, the floodgates of happiness will open and we’ll live in joy forever.

But, do people really want to be millionaires?

Actually, it turns out, no!

Whilst having the status of a millionaire would be amazing, it’s not the status that I desire. It’s the financial freedom to live my best life.

Did you know that you can buy an almost brand new Lamborghini for around £3000 per month? You can rent an entire Spanish villa for as little as £65 per night on Airbnb. Living in Buenos Aires for a month costs around £1000 inclusive of the flight, hotel and experiences.

The millionaire lifestyle is actually much, much closer to all of us than we could expect.

The Power of Dreamlines

One of my personal heroes is the author, entrepreneur (and straight-up genius) Tim Ferriss.

In his bestselling book “The 4-Hour Work Week” he describes the process of setting Dreamlines rather than goals.

With Dreamlines, you choose five things you want to have, be and do and enter them into a handy spreadsheet from Tim’s website.

After doing a little costing research, you can input the total costs of each of the fifteen things and work out how much money you would need to make every day, week, month and year in order to do, have or be whatever your dreamlines are.

The power of dreamlines is in showing you just how close you are to your ideal life. For example, my theoretical ideal lifestyle costs around £3000 per month which includes renting a nice flat, owning an Audi TT, living abroad in Buenos Aires for a month and much more.

Once you know just how close you truly are to achieving your ideal life, you can then set a plan in motion to actually achieve it.

Money vs Experiences

At the end of your life, unless you are incredibly shallow, you will not be thinking about how much money you made.

Rather, you will be reminiscing on the amazing experiences you have had throughout your life.

Ultimately, the money will always come secondary to your experiences.

A Word of Caution

Though living a life of abundance is about creating amazing experiences, it needs a foundation.

The foundation of abundance is having enough to meet your needs. This is financial security. Only when you have achieved security can you truly strive towards financial freedom and abundance.

Build your foundation first.

The Meaning of Life

I once heard that the meaning of life is living a life of meaning.

I would argue that the same can be said of living a life of abundance.

In order to be abundant, you first have to create an attitude and a mindset of abundance. You have to know that you can achieve. You have to believe it and then you can go get it.

Live a life of meaning by finding out what means the most to you. Then, find out what you need to do in order to achieve that and then go and do it.

It is that simple.

Live a life of meaning.

Live a life of abundance.

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