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Hi, I’m Ben

If you’re looking for Practical Self-Improvement and Real Self-Help Tips, then you’ve come to the right place!

I write on every subject related to self-improvement. From how to feel less insecure to a guide to reading 100 books a year and even on having a positive mental attitude towards life.

My passion has been and will continue to be helping others to beat their anxieties and depression, achieve their goals and reach for their truest, most authentic selves.

I’ll level with you… I’m not a self-help guru, nor do I want to be one.

I’m not perfect, I never have been. I was an angry kid, then an anxious teenager and then a problematic young adult. But all of that has led me down an amazing path of self-discovery that has brought me to where I am now. If you want to read a little more about my life, then you can click here,

I’m here to help and serve through my blog posts, books and coaching – available soon.

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