About This Blog

Who Am I?

3 years ago I was broke, depressed, alone and ready to give up. I was studying a degree I hated, my long term girlfriend had dumped me, I was at constant odds with my family and so much more. Quite frankly, my life was falling apart and I was ready to give up.

During a spell of depression I began to research self-improvement. I had always known that I had the potential to be something special but somewhere between my childhood and college I lost the flame of ambition that burned within me. Then I found a book which gave me hope. I realised once again that I still had the potential to be anything that I wanted within myself.

I began a long and arduous journey to improve my life. Over the last 3 years I have fought to beat my depression, overcame my social fears, patched up my relationship with my family, read hundreds of books and finally built the body of my dreams. These are just a few of my achievements over the last few years but now I am ready to begin a new chapter in my life: helping others to unlock their own potential whilst unleashing all of my own potential in everything that I have ever dreamt about from relationships to business to intelligence.

My Mission

The old myth that we only use 10% of our brain may be false, but I would argue that most of us only ever act with 10% of our own personal potential.

The human mind and body are capable of incredible things. Joshua Foer, in his book 'Moonwalking With Einstein', went from having an average memory to winning the 2006 USA Memory Championship with only a year of training. The Internet is awash with stories of averages demonstrating hysterical strength to save their children. A Dutch man named Wim Hof has trained his body to the point where he can remain immersed in ice for over an hour without any kind of apparent damage.

Incredible feats of the mind and body are not just limited to a select percentage of extreme athletes, celebrities and geniuses. Anyone can harness the power of their mind and body.

Through this blog, I will chronicle my journey to unlock and achieve my full potential in every area of my life from my health and fitness to relationships to building a business. I want to share my knowledge and my journey so that you can see that anything is possible when you accept that anyone can become superhuman.

Are you ready to begin?